Allopathic Treatment

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Allopathic Treatment

Any cough expectorant syrup (like Corex, Phensydyl, Dilosyn, Benadryl, etc.) will help to first loosen and then expectorate cough. Certain drowsiness or blurred vision may occur during the course of taking anyone of the above cough syrups; hence one should refrain from driving a vehicle operating a machine or while moving out. Usual dose is 5 ml (1 tsp) three times daily. It is claimed that the last dose, at bed time, if taken in hot water, will show better results, including sound sleep. In smokers' cough, Glycodin Terp Vasaka is still considered a choiced cough syrup.
Steam inhalation, as suggested earlier, may be had. If some infection is the cause, then anyone of the antibiotics like Septran D.S, Ciprafloxin 500 mg, 500 mg (each 12 hourly, that is a dose after 12 hours). Lorvas tab (one a day dose) is said to control allergic coughs but has to be continued for a long time.

Saline water gargles will provide much needed relief in throat infections, after which some throat pain may be applied locally.

It is specifically pointed out that the patient should seek advice his doctor, in so far as dosage of a particular medicine and side effects thereof are concerned. More care and caution is needed in acute and emergent cases when routine medicines a well-tried formulation, cannot be ruled out. Hence, expert's advice is quite necessary. Infants and pregnant women, old and infirm persons also should never be treated by a layman, as they react to medicines more quickly than others.

It can be easily deduced that one or more than one medicine has been repeated in almost all the above-mentioned combinations, except Kali Phos, Calc.Phos and Kali Sulph which have not been repeated, except once. So, the combinations do not vary much and absence of a particular salt goes to prove that non-mentioned drug is a specific drug mentioned in a particular context.


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